About Us

The surgeon general has confirmed that collecting antique lamps is an addiction.

The following is a shortlist of symptoms:

  • 1- Looking forward to the sun going down.
  • 2- Behaving like a six-year-old on Christmas eve when you see the UPS man carrying a large box to your door.
  • 3- Seeing the blank look from your friends when you show them a lamp that you just bought for thousands of dollars.
  • 4- Feeling the kinship when you meet or talk to someone that "understands"!!!.


My name is Paul Aimis, and I have been involved in collecting, buying, and selling lamps since the early '80s.

My background is in real estate. One of my major tenants, a furniture manufacturer, went out of business in 1982. I could not rent the space. A friend of mine suggested opening up an antique flea market. I did, and that's where my addiction to antique lamps began.

I am now semi-retired, living in Florida. My lamp business fetish allows me to own, enjoy for a while, sell (maybe make a profit) and upgrade my collection.

Call me anytime with any questions you might have.

Paul (561) 452 0285 or email [email protected]