J.A. Whaley grape lamp


J.A. Whaley grape lamp. pictured on page 97 Paul Chris book. Very good condition. Wonderful color.. 25” high 20” diameter



Behold vintage collectors! The J.A. Whaley Lamps For Sale in Lakewood, Florida, is your best find yet! The Whaley Grape lamp is not just any regular stained lap. With this lamp comes a story and complete history because of its vintage nature and its classic and rich geometric designs. The reason why the name for this unique lamp has a “grape” in it is all because of the stained geometric nature. Imagine a cluster of grapes with several colors, and they add a jewel effect in shades of purple, green, and amber, nestled amongst textured leaves.
This is exactly what the J.A. Whaley grape lamp is replicating, making a captivating entrance for any room! Think jewel-toned purples, greens, and earthy hues capturing the sunlight and casting mesmerizing shadows. The clusters burst with three-dimensionality thanks to intricate glass cuts, making you almost reach out and pluck a juicy orb. With differentiating textures of glass cuts, the shade gains quality. While the color purple is predominant, there are many earthen colors used throughout. Supporting the shade is a four-socket original. The base of this lamp is made from bronze, which compliments the overall shades with elegant lines and intricate details. Grab your J.A. Whaley Lamps For Sale in Lakewood, Florida, and make a compelling statement to your room! A Whaley Grape Lamp offers a mesmerizing blend of artistry, history, and warm ambiance. It’s a piece that will spark conversation, add a touch of elegance to your space, and become a cherished heirloom for generations to come.