Duffner and Kimberly Leaded lamp


19 inches diameter 22 inches tall in very good vintage condition exceptional color.




Immersed in the radiance of artistry and craftsmanship, this Vintage Duffner Lamp, for sale in Lakewood, Florida, is the perfect addition to elevate your home decor. These Vintage Duffner Lamps are exquisite pieces from a bygone era, which makes them a rare and highly sought-after collectible today. This masterpiece was crafted between 1906 and 1931, and it is now making a big comeback among vintage and antique collectors. The lampshade stand is made from high-quality and durable metals, and the rustic shades complement the overall look of the lamp beautifully.

This vintage Duffner Lamp is a stunning piece that will mesmerize you with its symphony of colors while creating a soothing and relaxing environment in your room. The lampshade is assembled from hand-cut stained glass and carefully placed to create the beautiful design you see before you. The green and orange hues create a romantic effect that exudes luxury at its finest. The light is dim and perfect for readers, creating an overall enchanting effect, while the geometric designs bring sophistication and charm. This luxurious Vintage Duffner Lamp is for sale in Lakewood, Florida, and has dimensions of 19 inches in diameter and 22 inches tall. It is in perfect condition and would fit perfectly in any place in your house, from the living room to the bedroom or even a classic library. So, if you seek a touch of elegance and artistry in your home, consider buying our Vintage Duffner Lamp for sale in Lakewood, Florida. It is truly an investment for generations to come.