Unique Art Glass Co Leaded Lamp


Variation of the California poppy shade is pictured on page 65 of Paul Crist’s book. 16-inch diameter 22 inches tall. Killer color.




Looking for something vintage that adds a pop of color to your space? Look no further! Check out our Vintage Leaded Lamp For Sale in Lakewood, Florida, featuring a stunning blend of colors that are sure to impress. These lamps are renowned for their distinctive and breathtaking stained glass shades, which are created using the famous lead technique. The glass used in the lamps is often colorful and features a variety of beautiful textures and hues. When lit, the lamp creates a stunning cascading effect, providing a splash of color with a minimalist and vintage touch. The shades include eye-catching geometric patterns, with each pattern hand-painted to create a unique effect. The lamp was designed to be both functional and decorative, as it adds a touch of elegance to any home. This Vintage Leaded Lamp for sale in Lakewood, Florida, is perfect for antique collectors or those who wish to add variety to their home and living style!
Adding this enchanting lamp to your bedside table or bookshelf will transform the room. It comes in a 6-inch diameter and is 22 inches tall. The base of the unique art glass co-leaded lamp is made from the finest quality of bronze and metal. We assure you that it is sturdy and has a good weight to it. We offer the best selection of vintage leaded lamps for sale in Lakewood, Florida!
Once you buy these beautiful antique lamps at our store, you can definitely see how they will complete the entire look of your vintage aesthetic!